‘Among Us’ Cartoon is Coming From Teams ‘Infinity Train’

As an avid fan of the popular video game ‘Among Us’, the announcement of an upcoming animated series based on the game is exciting news. The creative minds behind the acclaimed series ‘Infinity Train’ on Cartoon Network will be adapting the multiplayer social deduction game into an animated show. For those unfamiliar, ‘Among Us’ is a game set in space where players complete tasks on a spaceship. However, one or more random players take on the role of an imposter trying to sabotage the mission and kill the crewmates.

The game has become a breakout hit, gaining over half a billion players in 2020. An animated show in the hands of proven storytellers seems poised to thrust the franchise into an even bigger spotlight. While plot details remain tightly under wraps, the ingredients for an entertaining all-ages show are certainly there. The paranoia and suspense of trying to uncover the imposter should translate well into episodic adventures. For fans, this announcement is a thrilling example of how indie success stories can sometimes turn into mainstream media empires. The future looks bright for the beans of ‘Among Us’.

‘Among Us’ Video Game Is Getting a Cartoon Adaptation

The popular multiplayer deception game ‘Among Us‘ is coming to the small screen. Warner Media Kids & Family announced today that it has partnered with the teams behind the hit animated series ‘Infinity Train’ to develop an animated series based on the spaceship murder mystery game.

Among Us became a breakout hit in 2020, with over half a billion players. Set on a spaceship, 3-10 players work together to complete tasks as ‘crewmates’ but two players are secretly ‘imposters’ trying to sabotage the mission. Players must figure out who the imposters are and vote them out before they kill everyone on board.

The show will be produced by Warner Media’s Cartoon Network Studios and will air on Cartoon Network and stream on HBO Max. Details about the plot, characters, release date, and episode count have not yet been announced. However, the series is likely to follow a similar whodunit premise and sci-fi setting as the game.

Owen Dennis, creator of ‘Infinity Train,’ will serve as executive producer and showrunner for the ‘Among Us’ adaptation. The video game was developed by American studio Innersloth, which will also be involved in the show’s production.

“The world of ‘Among Us’ is rich with character and story potential,” said Sam Register, president of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios. “This adaptation will be a perfect addition to our slate of fun, compelling shows that both kids and families can enjoy together.”

Fans of the game have a lot to look forward to with this new animated adaptation. The series is sure to provide the same thrilling mystery and intrigue as the game, with the added benefits of complex storytelling and character development that only an episodic show can provide. ‘Among Us’ the animated series looks poised to blast off into a whole new frontier of entertainment.

What We Know So Far About the ‘Among Us’ Cartoon

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As an animated series based on the popular game ‘Among Us’ is in the works, here is what we know so far about the upcoming cartoon adaptation:

  • The cartoon will be produced by Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich along with their Stoopid Buddy Stoodios partners John Harvatine IV and Eric Towner. They are teaming up with InnerSloth, the developers of ‘Among Us’, for the new series.
  • The show is said to expand the world of the game by following the crewmates in and out of emergency meetings. It will give the characters backstories and personalities beyond what players experience in the actual game. This could provide an opportunity to build out the universe and mythology of ‘Among Us’.
  • Casting details have not yet been announced but the characters are expected to remain colorful and cartoonish as in the original game. The plot is likely to center around the crewmates completing tasks to prepare to leave while identifying impostors in their midst, staying true to the gameplay people know and love.
  • An official premiere date for the ‘Among Us’ cartoon has not been set. However, with the teams behind ‘Infinity Train’ and ‘Robot Chicken’ involved, fans can expect a high-quality animated series with quirky humor and mysterious twists when it does launch, presumably on a streaming service.
  • There is potential for episodes to vary in theme, location, tasks, and impostor reveals to keep things interesting, with opportunities for guest characters and voice actors as well. The cartoon could bring in elements from the various updates and versions of the game for extra fun.

With the popularity of ‘Among Us’ still strong, an animated adaptation seems well poised to find an eager audience. The details revealed so far suggest it will strike a good balance of building on the existing concept while expanding into new storytelling territory. For now, players and viewers will have to wait and see as more information becomes available on what exactly is coming out of the airlock.

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The ‘Infinity Train’ Team Is Developing the ‘Among Us’ Cartoon

The Creators of ‘Infinity Train’ Are Developing the ‘Among Us’ Animated Series

Owen Dennis and the team behind the animated series ‘Infinity Train’ have partnered with InnerSloth, the developers of the popular multiplayer game ‘Among Us’, to create an animated adaptation of the game.

  • Owen Dennis, creator of the Cartoon Network show ‘Infinity Train’, will serve as executive producer and showrunner.
  • The series is described as a “mystery adventure comedy” set in space.

Much like the original game, the animated series will center around a group of spacefaring crewmates trying to figure out who the impostor is that’s sabotaging their spaceship. Players of the social deduction game take on the role of the crewmembers attempting to complete tasks to keep the spaceship operational, while trying to determine which of them is the impostor bent on killing the others.

This news is sure to excite fans of the mega-popular ‘Among Us’ game and the cult classic ‘Infinity Train’ series. ‘Among Us’ has become a worldwide phenomenon, gaining over 500 million downloads as of 2021. ‘Infinity Train’ aired for four seasons on Cartoon Network, gaining a devoted following for its creative storytelling and memorable characters despite its short runtimes.

Combining the talents of Dennis and his team with the concept of ‘Among Us’ seems like a perfect match. Dennis has shown a propensity for crafting engaging mysteries and oddball characters in the surreal world of ‘Infinity Train’. The characters and settings of ‘Among Us’ provide fertile ground for more of the signature quirky adventures and humor found in ‘Infinity Train’.

While little else is known about the ‘Among Us’ animated series at this point, the pedigree of its creators and the massive popularity of the source material point to this being a highly anticipated show. Fans can expect the series to capture the fun and intrigue of trying to catch an impostor in the act while hurtling through space.

Possible Plot Points and Characters in the ‘Among Us’ Cartoon

Possible Storylines

The animated series could follow the crewmates as they try to uncover the imposter(s) among them in each episode while also completing tasks to keep their spaceship operational. There are a few ways the plot may unfold:

  • The crewmates work together initially but then start turning on each other as paranoia sets in and they suspect everyone else. This could create drama and conflict within the group.
  • There are multiple imposters working together to sabotage the crew, creating an intriguing mystery to solve. The crewmates must figure out who they can truly trust.
  • Flashbacks show how each crew member ended up on the ship in the first place, providing backstories for the characters and context for their behaviors and motivations.
  • Romantic relationships form that then get tested when accusations start flying around, adding extra layers of complexity and emotions.
  • An external threat emerges that forces the crew to band together again despite their suspicions and disagreements. They realize teamwork and cooperation are the only way to survive and complete their mission.

Potential Characters

  • A leader character who tries their best to keep the crew unified but struggles against the forces working to divide them.
  • A misfit character who is an outcast among the crew but may end up playing an important role when a crisis hits.
  • Imposters who are cunning, deceitful and manipulative but also complex characters with motivations driving their sabotage.
  • A paranoid yet well-meaning character whose frequent accusations end up causing more harm than good.
  • A peacemaker who tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and diffuse tensions, though their trusting nature could put them in danger.
  • Romantic duos or love triangles that provide human connections and relationship drama.

With a variety of possible storylines and an ensemble of complex, compelling characters, the “Among Us” animated series has the potential for lots of twists, turns and intrigue as the crewmates try to achieve their goals while avoiding destruction from within. The show could delve into themes of trust and teamwork, human psychology and relationships.

When Will the ‘Among Us’ Cartoon Premiere?

Production Details Still Under Wraps

While an animated series based on the popular mobile game ‘Among Us’ was announced in 2021, many details about its production and release remain undisclosed. The show is being developed by production company Bento Box Entertainment, known for the animated series ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and ‘Central Park’, in partnership with game developer Innersloth.

Anticipated Premiere Date Unknown

At this time, an official premiere date for the ‘Among Us’ cartoon adaptation has not been announced. Given the typical production timelines for animated series, especially those aimed at older kids, teens and adults, the show likely will not air until late 2022 or 2023 at the earliest. However, with many productions experiencing delays due to the global health crisis, the premiere could be pushed back even further into 2023 or 2024. Fans are eager for news about a release date, but will have to continue waiting patiently for updates from the show’s creators.

Format and Plot Details Still a Mystery

While we know the animated series will be based on the characters and settings of the ‘Among Us’ game, little else has been revealed about its format or plot. Will it follow a continuous story or take an episodic, mini-story approach? Will it expand on the backstories of the crewmates and impostors from the game? These questions and many more remain unanswered. The level of violence and intensity also is unknown, although as an adaptation aimed at older kids and adults, it likely will have a PG or TV-14 rating. More details about the show’s plot, format, and rating should be forthcoming closer to its eventual release.

Fans of the ‘Among Us’ game have a lot to look forward to with an animated adaptation of the popular murder mystery-style mobile game. While many specifics are still unknown, the series is sure to provide more adventures and hijinks with the crewmates and impostors audiences have come to know and love. The wait for news may be long, but will undoubtedly be well worth it.


You have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming ‘Among Us’ cartoon adaptation. The creative teams behind ‘Infinity Train’ are proven masters of crafting stories with mystery, suspense and humor that appeal to all ages. Their take on the popular video game is sure to capture the essence of gameplay that has resonated with millions of players, translating the psychological intrigue and drama of determining the imposter into a visual format. While staying true to the source material, the show will likely expand on the characters and settings, giving more dimension to the challenges of identifying deceit. For fans of the games and newcomers alike, keep an eye out for the release of this animated series to enjoy more of the tense, strategic and addictive entertainment ‘Among Us’ provides. The future is bright for this franchise and the opportunities for growth as a multimedia intellectual property.

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