8 Best Recommend Free Video Editing App for Android

With the increasing accessibility of smartphones, especially Android devices, more and more people are experimenting with making videos, for the first time. Editing films on Android devices just a couple of years ago seemed like an impossible task. But today’s content producers prefer editing their films by themselves, rather than employing professionals.

There are so many applications available on the Play Store, it may be difficult to locate the right one. This is a challenge that for many content creators when searching for the top video editing software for Android that don’t leave a watermark. To make it easier the process, this article provides the top ten video editing applications for Android that don’t leave a watermark. Let’s get going!

Why should you use a video editing application?

Using a video editing application can offer several benefits and advantages, depending on your needs and goals. Here are some reasons why you should consider using a video editing application:

  1. Professional-Looking Videos: Video editing applications provide a wide range of tools and features that allow you to enhance the visual and audio quality of your videos. You can trim and arrange clips, adjust colors and lighting, apply visual effects, add transitions, and improve the overall production value of your videos. This helps you create professional-looking videos that capture the attention of your audience.
  2. Creative Expression: Video editing applications offer creative freedom and flexibility. You can unleash your creativity by adding text overlays, graphics, music, sound effects, and voice-overs to your videos. With various editing options and effects, you can bring your ideas to life and tell your story in a unique and engaging way.
  3. Polishing and Refining: Video editing applications allow you to refine your footage by removing unwanted elements, correcting imperfections, and optimizing the overall flow and pacing of your videos. You can eliminate shaky footage, adjust audio levels, and make precise edits to ensure your videos are polished and professional.
  4. Multi-Media Integration: Many video editing applications support the integration of various media formats. You can combine video clips, audio files, and images to create multimedia presentations or montages. This versatility enables you to incorporate different types of content and create dynamic videos with diverse visual and auditory elements.
  5. Special Effects and Transitions: Video editing applications offer a wide array of special effects, filters, and transitions to enhance your videos. You can add cinematic effects, apply filters to create specific moods or styles, and smoothly transition between scenes. These effects can add impact, creativity, and visual appeal to your videos.
  6. Sharing and Distribution: Once you’ve edited your videos, video editing applications often provide options for exporting and sharing your creations. You can save your videos in different formats suitable for various platforms, such as social media, websites, or presentations. This allows you to easily distribute and showcase your videos to a wider audience.
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Ultimately, using a video editing application empowers you to take control of your video content, unleash your creativity, and produce high-quality videos that effectively communicate your message. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker, content creator, or simply looking to enhance personal videos, a video editing application can be a valuable tool in your creative toolkit.

The Top Free  Video Editing App for Android in 2023.

Are you wondering what the most effective free video editor available on Android that doesn’t have a watermark? Because Play Store is flooded with video editing applications, users have a difficult time coming with the most effective one. From the thousands of video editing apps we have compiled the ten top video editors on Android without watermark, and that includes:

1. VN Video Editor

  • Google Play Rating and Users:4.7/5 and 50,000,000+ users
  • System requirements areAndroid 9.0 or later. It requires at minimum two GB RAM, and eight GB memory.

VN Video Editor is definitely one of the top free video editing apps for Android and, as you can guess that VN Video Editor does not include watermarks. Additionally, there are no banners or videos when editing or uploading your video. It’s like the frosting on top, with a bit of additional on the edges. One of the most important highlights is the multi-layer timer, which lets you alter your movies without affecting other components. It can also produce 60fps as well as 4K videos.

An easy-to-use video editor that has a user-friendly interface that’s user-friendly. The interface is clean and sleek with a wide range of capabilities, such as multi-track editing, curve switching FX for special effects, BG to aid in background enhancement, freeze filters, and much more.


  • Google Play Rating and Users:4.2/5 and 10,000,000+ users
  • Systems Requirements4GB Internal and 1GB RAM

VLLO is a well-known tool to create vlogs in the field, but it also allows you to edit videos. VLLO is a free editor for video. doesn’t have a watermark applied to the exported videos which is a huge plus. Additionally, VLLO is completely free of ads.

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The software VLLO includes support for music and text, as well as cutting changing, clip speed changes and blurring in mosaics. People who are new to the field will appreciate this program since it’s easy to use. It can also be used to take and edit photos. There is also the multi-track platform which allows you to handle many media components within one place. The best thing about VLLO has to be the Motion Sticker function, which lets you add stunning templates and animations, transition effects and other things.

3. GoPro Quik

  • Google Play Rating and Users:4.4/5 and 10,000,000+ users
  • Systems Requirements8GB Internal and 2GB RAM

GoPro Quik is another outstanding free Android video editor that doesn’t have watermarks on the output files. GoPro is a well-known action camera manufacturer, developed the application. It comes with a hub area known as Mural, with an intelligent AI that showcases your top photos and films. You can also manually edit your videos with its amazing editing tools and features like video-speed control as well as filters, transitions beautiful themes, and incredible effects.

You can also change the background music or add text, change the color palette highlights, trim and many more. You are able to use all the usual software for editing videos. You will need to select your movies then GoPro Quik will utilize its presets to make your videos to look professional and suitable for social networks.

4. Kruso

  • Video Editing App for Android
  • Google Play Rating and Users:not available on Google Play
  • System requirements:Requires Android 16.0 or greater.

Kruso is an extremely recent Android video editor. However, it has quickly gained popularity because of its free access and watermark-free policy. Additionally, the software doesn’t display any ads which makes the experience more pleasant. You can customize the background and reproduce colours to suit your preferences.

It includes the text editor and an extensive music library that includes a variety of different genres of music. It is also possible to add your own music. It has a user-friendly interface. This application will prove useful for content creators with limited editing skills. Even though it’s brand new, Kruso has proved to be among the best video editing apps available for Android without watermarks.

5. Magisto

  • Google Play Rating and Users:4.2/5 and 50,000,000+ users
  • system requirements:It needs Android 6.0 or higher

Magisto utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence that can analyse the video and pinpoint its strengths. Magisto creates stunning films that are more impressive than the standard slideshow or collage employing editing methods such as stabilization of video, filters, effects, object identification and auto-cropping.

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Magisto mixes clips, photos filters along with music, text and effects to help in telling your story. In addition, it was created to act as a film editor all day, 7 every day of the week. It can also occasionally make an unintentional surprise film to you by converting images and videos that are stored within your photo gallery.

6. CapCut

  • Video Editing App for Android
    Google Play Rating and Users:4.2/5 and 100,000,000+ users
  • Systems RequirementsIt needs Android 5.0 or greater, as well as 4GB of internal storage and 2GB RAM.

If you’re looking for the best video editor available for Android that doesn’t have watermarks CapCut will be your top option. The creators of TikTok designed it to ensure that TikTok users can upload their modified videos to TikTok. It’s also free.

Additionally, it’s easy to use that you can make and edit incredible videos even if you have no prior experience in editing video. There are a variety of options for effects including motion animations that transition, common sounds and more. Simply delete the last screen to remove the watermark from the video using CapCut.

7. Super Studio


  • Google Play Rating and Users:4.4/5 and 1,000,000+ users
  • system requirements:It is required to have Android 5.0 or greater, as well as 2GB RAM and 4GB internal storage.

Super Studio is the next video editor for Android smartphones that we have listed. As with the other options listed Super Studio does not come with watermarks on films that have been released and is available for free. You can include music, edit and combine videos, alter the speed and rewind the movie among other things.

It lets you select the specific segment of a video to be cutting. You can also select the quality and bit rate while converting the video making it the most effective video editor on Android with no watermark. The app does however, offer advertisements, and you might be able to see video ads there and there.

8. KineMaster


  • Google Play Rating and Users:4.2/5 and 100,000,000+ users
  • system requirements:It needs Android 7.0 or greater

KineMaster is an editing program for video that has an attractive interface, amazing user experience, as well as an array of useful functions. It allows you to create the video you’d like in any format. Due to its user-friendly interface making use of KineMaster is fairly simple.

It also comes with over 2500 free effects, transitions pictures, movies and transitions. Additionally, EQ settings, ducking or volume envelope tools create KineMaster audios powerful and immersive. After you’ve finished making adjustments, KineMaster allows you to save your work directly to your phone in a variety of quality settings.


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