“5 Shocking Moments: Edwin Diaz’s Ejection and Luis Severino’s Closer Role Highlight New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs Clash”

5 Shocking Moments: Edwin Diaz’s Ejection and Luis Severino’s Closer Role Highlight New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs Clash


Baseball, often called America’s pastime, never fails to deliver unexpected twists and turns. The recent New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs game was no exception, presenting fans with a rollercoaster of emotions and shocking moments that will be etched in their memories for a long time. From Edwin Diaz’s controversial ejection to Luis Severino stepping into an unexpected closer role, this game had it all.

In this article, we will delve into five jaw-dropping moments from this unforgettable clash. Whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or a casual observer, these moments capture the essence of why we love this sport: its unpredictability, the raw emotion, and the sheer drama that unfolds on the field. Buckle up as we take you through the highlights that made this game one for the ages.

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Edwin Diaz’s Ejection: A Controversial Call

The Incident Unfolds

The game was cruising along with typical tension when suddenly, the atmosphere shifted dramatically. Edwin Diaz, the Mets’ star closer, was ejected in the seventh inning after a heated exchange with the home plate umpire. The incident began when Diaz threw a pitch that he believed was a strike but was called a ball.

  • Diaz’s Reaction: Diaz displayed visible frustration, shaking his head and mouthing words that seemed to challenge the umpire’s judgment.
  • Umpire’s Response: The umpire, not one to be questioned, swiftly ejected Diaz from the game, causing an uproar among Mets fans and players alike.

The Fallout

The ejection of Diaz had immediate and far-reaching consequences for the Mets. Not only did they lose their ace closer, but the decision also seemed to galvanize the Cubs, who capitalized on the ensuing chaos to score crucial runs.

  • Team Morale: Diaz’s ejection visibly demoralized the Mets, who struggled to regain their composure.
  • Fan Reaction: Social media exploded with opinions, some defending Diaz and others criticizing the umpire’s decision.

Luis Severino’s Unexpected Role as Closer

A New Role for Severino

In a surprising turn of events, Luis Severino, primarily known as a starting pitcher, was called upon to close the game for the Mets. This unexpected move came after Diaz’s ejection left the team scrambling for a reliable arm to secure the win.

  • Manager’s Decision: Mets’ manager justified the decision by highlighting Severino’s versatility and experience under pressure.
  • Severino’s Performance: Despite the unexpected role, Severino delivered a stellar performance, striking out two batters and securing the win for the Mets.
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Impact on the Game

Severino’s performance as a closer was a game-changer, not only securing the win but also showcasing his adaptability and skill.

  • Boost in Confidence: Severino’s success in the closer role provided a significant morale boost for the team.
  • Future Implications: The Mets’ management hinted at possibly using Severino in more diverse roles in future games, given his successful stint as a closer.

Other Shocking Moments in the Game

A Game of Inches: Controversial Home Run Call

One of the most debated moments of the game was a controversial home run call that went in favor of the Cubs. The ball, hit by a Cubs’ batter, appeared to be foul but was ruled fair after a lengthy review.

  • Instant Replay: The use of instant replay did little to settle the debate, with fans and analysts split on the correctness of the call.
  • Game Impact: The home run added to the Cubs’ score, intensifying the pressure on the Mets.

Defensive Masterclass: A Game-Saving Catch

Amidst the chaos, one moment of brilliance stood out—a game-saving catch by Mets’ outfielder. With bases loaded and two outs, the outfielder made a diving catch to end the inning, preventing the Cubs from taking the lead.

  • Athleticism on Display: The catch highlighted the player’s incredible athleticism and focus.
  • Team Reaction: This moment of brilliance provided a much-needed lift for the Mets, who rallied around the defensive play to regain momentum.

Managerial Mind Games: Strategic Decisions

The game also featured a series of strategic decisions by both managers that added layers of intrigue to the contest.

Mets’ Managerial Moves

  • Pitching Changes: Frequent pitching changes by the Mets’ manager kept the Cubs’ hitters off balance.
  • Aggressive Base Running: The Mets adopted an aggressive approach on the base paths, which paid off with crucial runs.
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Cubs’ Counter Strategies

  • Pinch Hitters: The Cubs’ manager effectively used pinch hitters to exploit favorable matchups.
  • Defensive Shifts: Strategic defensive shifts by the Cubs helped neutralize some of the Mets’ best hitters.


Why was Edwin Diaz ejected from the game?

Edwin Diaz was ejected for arguing balls and strikes with the home plate umpire. His visible frustration and verbal exchange with the umpire led to his ejection.

How did Luis Severino perform in his new role as closer?

Luis Severino excelled in his unexpected role as closer, striking out two batters and securing the win for the Mets. His performance highlighted his versatility and ability to perform under pressure.

What was the impact of the controversial home run call?

The controversial home run call added to the Cubs’ score, increasing the pressure on the Mets. The decision, despite the use of instant replay, remained a topic of debate among fans and analysts.

Who made the game-saving catch for the Mets?

A Mets’ outfielder made the game-saving catch. His diving effort with bases loaded and two outs prevented the Cubs from taking the lead and provided a significant morale boost for the team.

What strategic decisions did the managers make during the game?

Both managers made several strategic decisions that impacted the game. The Mets’ manager frequently changed pitchers and adopted aggressive base running, while the Cubs’ manager used pinch hitters and defensive shifts to counter the Mets’ strategies.


The New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs clash was a game that had it all: drama, controversy, and moments of sheer brilliance. From Edwin Diaz’s shocking ejection to Luis Severino’s unexpected heroics as a closer, this game showcased the unpredictable nature of baseball. The controversial home run call, the game-saving catch, and the strategic mind games between managers added layers of intrigue and excitement.

As fans, we live for these moments that keep us on the edge of our seats, reminding us why we love this sport. The Mets and Cubs gave us a game to remember, and we can only look forward to more such thrilling encounters in the future.

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