What is Threads, The New Version of Twitter from Instagram – What is Threads, The New Version of Twitter from Instagram. Discover Threads, the latest offering from Instagram that aims to redefine real-time conversations. Explore how this new version, inspired by Twitter, seamlessly blends visuals and concise updates to create a unique social media experience.

Ever felt like you have too many thoughts and ideas to squeeze into 280 characters? Instagram gets it. They recently launched Threads, a new app that gives you a dedicated space to share your random musings, questions, theories, and everything in between with your close friends.

The New Version of Twitter from Instagram

Think of Threads as a private version of Twitter, where you can post short messages, photos, and videos to a select group of friends and start engaging conversations.The best part is Threads lives outside of Instagram so you can be fully present with the friends you choose to connect with on the app.

Your messages and statuses disappear after 24 hours, creating an authentic and casual environment without the pressure of crafting the perfect post. If you’re looking to strengthen your bonds with your inner circle, Threads is the place to make it happen. The days of cramming your shower thoughts into an Instagram story are over. Threads gives your off-the-cuff remarks room to breathe.

What Exactly Is Threads?

So what exactly is Threads, Instagram’s new messaging app? Think of it as a private version of Twitter, built right into Instagram.

Threads lets you share text messages, photos and videos with your closest friends on Instagram. When you first open Threads, it will suggest people you frequently interact with on Instagram to add to your “close friends” list. These are the only people who will see what you share on Threads.

Once you’ve added friends, you can start chatting! Threads makes it easy to keep up casual conversations with multiple friends at once. You can send messages, share what you’re up to with photo and video status updates, react to friends’ updates, and see when your close friends are active on the app.

The best part about Threads is that all of your messages and updates disappear after 24 hours. This means you can share as often as you like without worrying about clogging up your friends’ feeds or your message history. Threads is designed for sharing quick updates, reactions and inside jokes with your real-life BFFs.

While Threads may not replace Instagram, it provides an easy way to stay even more connected to your closest friends. If you’re someone who frequently DMs and comments on the same group of friends’ Instagram posts, Threads is perfect for taking those conversations to the next level in a private, temporary space.

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Give Threads a try – your close friends will thank you! This new, intimate way of connecting on Instagram is something real friends will surely appreciate.

How Threads Works

So you’ve heard about Threads, Instagram’s new messaging app, and want to know what it’s all about. Threads is a private messaging app that connects you with your close friends on Instagram. It lets you share spontaneous moments with the people you talk to the most.

Here’s how Threads works:

Download the Threads app on your phone and log in with your Instagram credentials. This links your Threads profile to your Instagram account.

Add your close friends to Threads. You can select friends to add from your Instagram followers or friends list. Only people you add can message you on Threads.

Share casual camera moments. Threads opens directly to your camera, so you can quickly snap a photo or video and share it with your close friends on the app. Add captions, doodles or stickers to make it more fun.

Message freely. Chat with your friends one-on-one or in group messages. Share what’s on your mind, react to stories, make plans or just say hi. Conversations on Threads are private and disappear after 24 hours.

Customize notifications. Choose if you want to receive notifications for all new messages, just mentions, or turn them off completely. You’re in control of how and when Threads contacts you.

Express yourself. Change your profile photo and status to share what’s going on with you. Customize chat themes, bubble colors and notification sounds for some extra flair.

Threads provides an easy way to stay connected to your inner circle on Instagram. Share spontaneous life moments, have meaningful conversations, and deepen your relationships – all in a private space. Give Threads a try and see how much more connected you’ll feel to the friends you message every day.

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Why Instagram Created Threads

Instagram created Threads as a way to strengthen connections between close friends and stay up to date on what’s happening in their lives.

Foster Closer Relationships

Threads allows you to share spontaneously with your close friends. Unlike Instagram, Threads focuses on frequent, short-form sharing – think quick photos, short videos, voice messages and texts. This type of casual sharing helps to build intimacy and inside jokes with people you care about.

Share an amusing observation or encounter from your day.

Send a quick selfie when you’re thinking of someone.

Capture a short video of something funny or interesting you want to share in-the-moment.

Stay Up To Date

It can be hard to stay on top of what’s new with close friends and family when life gets busy. Threads makes it easy to share updates through tapbacks, likes, comments and messages.

Send a quick “Thinking of you!” message.

Comment on a friend’s photo to start a conversation.

Like a friend’s post to show you saw it and are keeping up with their life.

Custom Notifications###

With Threads, you choose which friends you want to receive notifications from so you never miss an important update. You can select certain friends to notify you of all their Threads activity or only when they message you directly.

Threads was designed by Instagram to facilitate more personal sharing and deeper connections between close friends and family. By focusing the experience around frequent, short-form sharing and custom notifications, Threads makes it simple to stay up to date and strengthen your closest relationships.

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How Threads Compares to Instagram and Twitter

Threads is Instagram’s new standalone messaging app that’s a lot like Twitter. It lets you share text posts, photos and videos with friends. But how exactly does it compare? Here are some of the main differences between Threads, Instagram and Twitter:


Threads is focused on private sharing with your close friends. You can only message people who follow you back on Instagram. Twitter and Instagram are more public, allowing you to connect with lots of people at once.


On Threads, everything you post is tied to your Instagram profile. Twitter and Instagram also connect posts to your profile, but it’s easier to remain anonymous on those platforms. Threads is really meant for sharing with people you know personally.


The messages you send on Threads disappear after 24 hours. This encourages more casual, low-pressure sharing since you don’t have to worry about your posts sticking around forever. Twitter and Instagram are more permanent, allowing you and others to look back on old posts and engage with them long after they were shared.


Threads makes it especially easy to share photos and short videos. While you can post images and clips on Twitter and Instagram too, Threads is optimized for visual sharing with close friends. It has creative tools like drawing, text styles, and filters built right in.

Overall, Threads occupies an interesting space between the public-facing world of Twitter and Instagram and private messaging apps like WhatsApp or iMessage. For sharing quick updates, inside jokes or just saying hi to close friends, Threads hits a sweet spot. But for connecting with lots of people at once or building a public profile, Twitter and Instagram still reign supreme.

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Should You Use Threads?

So, should you start using Threads? Here are some things to consider:

Threads aims to be an easy way to stay connected with your close friends and share quick updates, reactions and messages. If you’re someone who frequently messages a core group of friends, Threads could be useful. However, there are a few downsides to keep in mind:

  • Privacy concerns. Threads requires access to your camera, microphone, location and contacts to work. If you’re privacy-conscious, this may be off-putting. Your data and messages on Threads are also not end-to-end encrypted like on WhatsApp or Signal.
  • FOMO. Constant updates about what your friends are doing could lead to feelings of fear of missing out or inadequacy in your own life. It may be anxiety-inducing for some.
  • Distraction. Threads makes it very easy to message friends throughout the day which could become a distraction or temptation to procrastinate. If you have trouble putting your phone away and focusing, Threads may not help.
  • Learning curve. While Threads aims to be simple, any new social app takes time to get used to. You’ll have to teach friends and family how it works and get them set up. This requires effort that may frustrate some users.
  • Limited functionality. Threads is really designed for quick back-and-forth messaging. You can’t share photos, links or longer updates. For some, this limited functionality won’t replace platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

Overall, Threads could be an easy way to stay connected to close friends for light chatter and quick reactions. But be aware of the potential downsides like privacy, distraction and limited features before diving in. Think about how it fits into your needs and digital habits. If used selectively and in moderation, Threads may be a useful addition to your social networking toolkit.

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So there you have it, the lowdown on Threads – Instagram’s new messaging app. While still in its infancy, Threads shows a lot of promise for bringing people together and enabling more authentic connections. Give it a spin and see how it enhances your experience on Instagram.

The future is unwritten, so get in there and start threading – who knows, you might just find your new favorite way to stay in touch with your closest friends. The world moves fast, but Threads could help us slow down and strengthen the relationships that really matter.

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